Taryn Manning talks with #InTheLab's Arthur Kade and discusses her hit Netflix show "Orange is the New Black"

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Taryn Manning, star of the hit Netflix series "Orange is the New Black" talks with The Lab NYC's Arthur Kade about playing inmate "Pennsatucky" and her new single "Summer Ashes."

 "Orange is the New Black" is the newest surprise hit on Netflix about a group of offbeat women in prison. Manning plays a religious fanatic and killer meth head. She talks about going into the sick mind of her character. Playing the inmate was one of the darkest roles she has had to play. The physical transformation she had to go through helped her become the wild inmate. She has to wear fake teeth and talks about how she and her cast-mates wear little or no makeup to play the criminals. The talented actress talks about how well liked her character has became with fans. She talks about how she doesn't mind playing weird roles because it keeps things interesting for her.

 She also talks about her music career. The star is a singer/songwriter and is a DJ. Her father was a musician and playing music helps her stay connected to him. She also talks about how she has played music with her brother and it's a big part of her life. Her new song "Summer Ashes" is the new single about heartbreak and falling in love. “Orange is the New Black” is available on Netflix and the second season is coming soon.


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