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 Teacher is actually the builder of a nation. The base of any nation is put by a teacher. A teacher is a reformer of a nation. Whatever is presented by a nation it is actually the reflection of its teacher. If a nation is going to get progress in the world it means that their teachers are teaching in a good manner and they are much conscious about the future of their country and nation.

        And if a nation is to decline its means that they forget their fore father and their basic cause is their teachers. Because they could not make their nation what is essential for them and such teachers who themselves forget about their bright past how they can teach their students in a good manner. A teacher is a person who is the backbone of a nation. It shows the correct direction to its nation. Teacher is actually the father of a nation who actually always wants well future of his nation.

     He is just like the gardener of his nation. Who has equal love for all the flowers and take care of them. We cannot measure glory of a teacher. Although we use the water of ocean as ink and earth as a paper then also we cannot write down the glory of a teacher. We cannot pay tribute to the glory of a teacher.

                          May Allah bless our teacher and they carry own create the building of future and due to which can get progress in the world.


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