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There are four kinds of education;spiritual,social,cultural and technical.Spiritual education tell us the difference between good and bad,right and wrong.Social education makes us responsible citizens of a state.Cultural education creates in us a love for beauty and decency.Technical or professional education affords us the comfort of life and ensures our material progress.Subject like science,technology,medicine and engineering are included in technical education. 


Even a stupid knows that the present progress of the world is the result of technical education.This world has gradually advanced from stone-age to space-age because of technology.All the comforts are because of man's interest in technical education.The lack of technical education is the only reason of backwardness of the eastern countries including our own.


Technical education provides us doctors,engineers and other skilled workers. In a way, technical education is more essential for progress than any other type of education. We can do without politicians and parliamentarians, priests and preachers, artists and writers but we cannot do without doctors, engineers and skilled workers. Similarly, we can live without a high sense of beauty and morality but we cannot live without eating, housing and clothing. All these comforts are fulfilled by technology.


We are greatly lagging behind in the field of technology. Our old educational system was based on theoretical and non-technical subjects. It was made to produce clerks and officials for the British government. Now the era has changed. A person having B.A or M.A degree is a non-technical person. If he fails to get job, he is a useless person of society. In short, technical education is essential to live.

We want more and better doctors, engineers and scientists. We need more and better railway system and roads, farms and factories, plants and industries, mills and projects. In short, we want a better standard of life. And this cannot be done without technical education. We demand foreign aid for the most of our needs. It is not proper for us

. A big money in the shape of foreign exchange is wasted on import of many consumer goods. We sell our raw material to the advanced countries at very low rates and import the product at very high rates.


It is due to lack of technical education.



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