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Technology gadgets can be defined as devices that work using modern and advance technology.

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These gadgets are used by us for different functions and requirements. No wonder theses gadgets make our life easy and facilitated. Those things that were hard to do few years back are now figure out in just few seconds.

Technology gadgets not only make life easy but are also time saving and speedy. Different gadgets play different vital roles in our life, some of them are:



Computer, the well-known and famous most gadget of the era which is invented for basic purposes many years before, but now it’s more advance and efficient .


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Its features include solving different problems speedily, making research easy, entertainment, storing a huge amount of data, providing different applications to run on computer to fulfill our needs.

It contain a processor with it which is the brain of computer… used for doing all actions. A  keyboard is attached with it for typing different documents. A mouse is attached to connecting with the screen.


Smart Phone

The most trusted and used gadget is smart phone. It uses the touch screen technology. Smart phone is basically the need of everyone today, it not only connect you to your friends and family but also do a lot of things for you. Its main advantage is that it’s a pocket-size gadget that can be take out anywhere easily.


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  1. You can easily carry it with you.
  2. Advance featured cell phones allow you to do everything whatever you want to.
  3. Taking pictures, e-mail facility, running different applications etc. are all benefits of using cell phone.
  4. Video, audio calls can be easily made up in a few seconds, allowing you to connect to anyone anywhere in the world.
  5. Browsing is made easy by just using your smart phone.



USB is a very beneficent and helpful gadget. It’s basically a storage device that is used for storing different data in it according to its size. There was a time when transferring data was a big issue but now it is resolved by this compatible and mini USB.efficientImage Credits:


Now taking bundles of data from one Pc to another can be done easily, you can also keep your data safe and secure by copying your confidential data in USB.



Headphones are the source of entertainment, which has been become the need of everyone. Just put it to your ears and then start the music. You can also alternate the volume also, high volume for Rock lovers and less volume for the decent type music lovers.



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 Peoples are now getting use too of music, so this gadget help them a lot in hearing any kind of music what they like. Its advantage is that the people around us would not get disturbed.



Laptop is basically a computer, but it’s customize. It do all those functions that computer do, but it’s more user friendly then computer. It contain a LCD screen, a keyboard attached and a touch pad within it. No additional speakers or camera is needed because they are embedded in that.    


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Due to large size, computer cannot be carried with you rather laptop can be easily carry out anywhere anytime. It is mostly used by businessmen and students. Having your laptop with you help a lot for different purposes. Different applications used for different purposes can be easily run out in that.



Days when people carry huge boxes for listening to the music or getting entertained. Today it’s the age of iPod where you can have instant access to the music anytime.


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HD videos, music, recordings anything you can have by using that. IPod are mostly used by the teenagers, who spend a lot of time in music. Previously, the iPods are used only for audio music but today they are much modified and transformed that different functionalities are increased in iPods.

Which help the user in different aspects, they don’t have to use different gadgets for different functions rather this single gadget provide them with everything they need.



A more advance gadget, containing the properties of computer, laptop, cell phone, iPod etc. This gadget is so efficient and useful that you can use it not only for communication, entertainment but also for your business work. Connecting with different people is much easier and the size it owe is captivating.

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 It has revolutionized  the life of gadget lovers. All needs in just one pack. Its feature is that it has no additional keyboard with it, rather is has a virtual keyboard which give it compatibility. It’s a touchpad, used by the touch of the finger. Everything is just a touch away. No additional keyboard or mouse is with it. It’s a user friendly and easy to use gadget.


Digital camera

Digital camera is used for taking pictures. The camera present in the earlier age were huge in size and carrying them was difficult. Another disadvantage was it  work on films and tapes with limited storage .Its advantage is that it has its own storage so that the user did not have to work on film or tapes, he just use its memory for storing pictures.    

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These pictures are transferred to PC also and different copies can be made out. These pictures are high quality images with a higher resolution and image quality. The memory of the can be increase as per your requirement, by just changing the memory card of that camera.



A webcam is a video camera that feeds or streams its image in real time to or through a computer to a computer network. wikipedia

It’s very beneficial for making videos. Video with high-resolution and clear image quality. It’s a handicam, just so manageable that you can take it in your hand and capture what you want to. Heavy video recorders are replaced by this easy and relieving camera.



PSP (PlayStation Portable) is a handheld gaming device, used for playing different video games. As it’s a gaming world the children and elders both find PSP attractive.


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Its only purpose is to play games you cannot use it for communication. Some more functionalities are also present in that including browsing, music, photos etc. Different companies launched their modified and more advance PSPs for the customers. It’s not too large very easy to carry with you.


Power bank

A gadget used for charging or recharging your device like secondary cells without having direct current. It’s a bank that is stored with current and when you need it you can easily charge your phone anywhere.


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Power bank help a lot if you forgot to charge your cell, or if you are traveling, it will help you surely. Many people are using that for resolving their battery issues, because some of the people are much busy and they want something like this gadget to help them.

You will always be there to connect to your contacts without having delay due to battery dead.


3D Printer

3D printers… used to create a three-dimensional image of an object. It’s a new technology in which layers of materials are formed. This technology is now been using randomly. The 3D printing allow you to create parts of objects using additive manufacturing.


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