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Greetings fellow Bitlanders. I hope you enjoy reading my blogs and find at least some useful info. Last time I wrote about personal branding, how I understand it. Writing that blog I understood that I have still what to add to this topic, so there is one more blog about another aspect of our personalities. You may have heard that every person’s character is related to one of four colors: orange, green, blue or gold but about everything from the start.

The short story how I got introduced to personality colors' types

A few years ago, I was interested in network marketing. I joined one social site for network marketers and soon was contacted by one man who asked me to join one affiliate marketing site offering commissions, and cheaper vacation packages for referring new members. After a short talk, I joined this man, and he became my mentor for some time as I nothing knew about online business. He contacted me by Skype and asked if he can teach me some basic things that I needed for working in network marketing field. And so, we started to talk every evening.


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He was a good mentor, taught me a lot of things that I did not know. One evening, he sent me a photo with four colors and said that each person's character is related to one of these colors: orange, green, gold or blue. In short, he describes what the features each personality type has and asked what I think what the color is mine. I said that I am blue. He responded that does not think so, and then sent me a long test.

I went through this test and got an answer – I am a green color. When in the evening, we two met on Skype, my mentor simply asked did I finish my test. And he said: “So, now you know that your color is green, right?” And what the surprise it was to me! He knew! He managed to recognize my color so quickly and so correct!

You can ask why we needed all this mentoring. The case is that my mentor believed that recruiting must be done getting to each person depending on his personality color. He taught me that I can't come to a gold person and start talking about how much money he can earn if join us. And I can't come to a gold personality type and joyfully say that working as a team, we have a lot of fun, so the best choice is to join us.


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 Our lessons were very interesting. We found one dating site with fancy profiles. He chose a random person, and I should say what the color he/she is. I needed to evaluate all details of personal profile: what the theme he/she chose for a profile, what the photos a person has added (some woman used to add photos in frames with flowers, blinking glossy frames), what the posts person used to add, what about talked and so on. Believe or not, soon I learned correctly to evaluate each person. 

I must say, we had a lot of fun, and we succeeded to enroll a lot of people in those months. To each people type, we talked differently, highlighting the aspect that could attract each particular color's type. But after time, the site failed and was closed. I went to the UK with my boyfriend, and little by little our friendship and common work with that man stopped. But it left good memories and now his lessons help me a lot in my current work.   

Now, I got the idea to talk about the colors of our personalities, and it is interesting to me will you recognize what the color you are? If you want to guess it, read the following information and comment saying the color you think you are. I guess, there are people of all four colors personality types.

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Personal profiling system by colors

The True Colors Test is a personality profiling system created in 1979 by Don Lowry. It was designed to divide students into four basic learning styles according to certain colors: blue, orange, golden, and green. Four decades ago, the test was aimed at identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the four personality types. According to this theory, each person is a combination of all four colors. However, according to specialists, the most visible are two colors but only one color dominates although we have a little bit of each color.


Personality Profiling System - Photo credit: haydennation.blogspot.com 

Why did the author of the test choose exactly these colors? It's no secret that colors in all cultures have certain meanings; they are closely related to our lives, habits, values, and feelings. D. Lowry chose these colors because, in his view, they best reflect a certain type of personality.

There are also other theories with more colors, but the first theory was about these four main colors. And, so, are you ready to read information about each type of four colors and recognize what the color you are? Let’s start!


The orange personality type is optimistic, witty, charming, spontaneous, impulsive, inventive, brave, determined. Those who have orange personality are leaders in character and have a strong character, desire for new knowledge. This psycho type is very active, really perpetual mobile. They just need "hot" experiences, adore active lifestyles, excitement, and therefore often suffer from emotional exhaustion, overwhelming, and extreme experiences. Such people are very focused on actions, and cannot tolerate routine, too much responsibility, rules, instructions, and deadlines.

Orange personality type - high self-esteem people, courageous, pioneer people, temperamental, the life for them is a hard fight. They are at the center of attention, so they do not search the word in their pockets and communicate easily. Orange people know their value and feel safe. They have high self-confidence and communication activity.


Orange Personality Type - Photo credit: personalitylingo.com

They choose passion and an intense life rich with life experiences. Such persons are usually successful and they are not afraid of fighting. Orange people have a strong will and dictate the conditions for life. They are trying to do a lot, the work and activities are a great pleasure for them. They want to be liked by others and they truly influence other people. 

Such persons did not like a routine from the very childhood and soon realized that the best way to master knowledge is through practice. The biggest motivation for achieving goals for them is competition.

Orange personality type tries to be independent and free in his job. The most he enjoys an active work.

Annoying qualities of orange type: non-discipline, ignoring rules, impulsiveness, hotheaded.

However, the orange does not fit with humility, modesty, tenderness, obligingness.

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The green personality type is rational, analytical, ingenious, creative. Green is a symbol of a logic. The green people often have great goals, for example, to save the Earth. In general, the representatives of the green personality type are independent thinkers who are more often based on the mind than the heart's voice.

In the work, they also are independent thinkers and enjoy the challenges. They are constantly looking for and finding new ways to overcome the routine.

The green psycho type has a strong emotional attachment to the security, so people of this color are reluctant to make easy friendships; they do not rush to make contact with others.  Green people are consistent and constant. They are trying to implement their desires and goals and striving for them. They have a good memory and know how to control own behavior, want to conquer other people's sympathies, and like to be praised.

The key to green personality type is to manage ourselves and the situation. If they do something, they always calculate in advance what they want, what the result they need, and what they can do about it. The spontaneity is not for them.


True Colors Test - Photo credit: 

The people of green psycho type are too serious about how to increase their value and prestige and can do a lot to raise their prestige in the eyes of others. For them, the principle of "the situation obligates you" is important - for example, they do not want to buy handbags from crocodile skin, but they need it because otherwise, they will be not of "that level'. Often, such people live in the world of some kind of illusions.

Green color's people furiously pursue their goals, they are valiant and energetic, tend to strive for their goals, but avoid to be influenced by others. They are rigorous in value terms that they rarely change. They love the orderliness. These people are well aware of their opportunities, they can control themselves, and they are rational. 

Annoying qualities: the inability to accept criticism, living for the future, idle talk, going downstream. They do not tolerate hot-headed people, talks about nothing and incompetence.

Childhood: they have been matured since the age of adolescence. The green type persons like to focus on complex tasks and liked communications with adults.


Green Personality Type - Photo credit: personalitylingo.com


The blue personality type is communicative, enthusiastic, warm, idealist, spiritual, sincere, calm, flexible, have a great imagination. The people of this type consider themselves as a communicative, lovely person, but for others, they can look too sweet and very chatty. In the work sphere, blue people tend to make an influence on others, to help discover the way of life. People, whose personality is blue, value friendship, want to help others.

Blue personality type is very different from orange and gold. The most important thing in the life of a blue type is tranquility, peace, and a quieter way of life. As a result, they sometimes become so relaxed that they cease to strive for something, and do not make any decisions. Moreover, such people often feel bored, feel lonely even around people who love them.

The blue psycho type is the incarnation of peace. Such people do not like attention and require peace. They are strong, loyal personalities seeking harmony and relation with the world. Such people do not want to communicate too much, they like loneliness. Blue people are easy to get on with, they do not like quarrels and disputes. They enjoy when others care about or even manage them.

Blue Personality Types - Photo credit: personalitylingo.com

Annoying qualities: passivity, excessive dignity, distraction, conflict avoidance. They cannot tolerate unmotivated criticism, conflicts, lies, melancholy. 

In the childhood, they had a great imagination. It was hard for them to fit into the school's frames, to follow the rules, and meet the requirements. 


Gold personality type is diligent, faithful, trustworthy, intelligent, punctual, stable, caring, committed. Gold is the color of intellectuals. Gold people are active, self-centered, and love the ongoing transformation, they are lively and enthusiastic people who are constantly looking for something new and appealing adventure. It is very important for them to escape from depression and depressed mood, even if this does not allow achieving the goal.

For the gold personality type, the most important thing is freedom, self-realization. They are not afraid of change, they are experimenting with pleasure. On the other hand, they love freedom so much that they are afraid of any addictions, and instead of resolving the faced problems they choose to avoid them. Therefore, people of the gold type often feel lost, not loved enough.


Gold  Personality Type - Photo credit: personalitylingo.com

The people of gold psycho type consider themselves to be organized, but others often feel like they are too power-loving and whimsical. In the work field, they want to keep order, never refuse to do hard and responsible work. The gold people are stable, refined, pragmatic planners.

If you are gold color type - you are ready for new events, life changes. You want something better, lighter. The gray life is not for you, and you are looking forward to the future with great hope.

Annoying qualities: leadership, planning of any activity, criticism. They cannot tolerate irresponsibility, disorder, lack of discipline.

In the childhood, at school, they tried to stick to the rules, loved the routine. Neither teachers nor their parents had any problems with them.


Personality Profiling System - Photo credit: origin-selection.readersdigest.ca

On the final note 

Today, this test does not classify personality types as better or worse. The goal is to help people find out what their strengths and weaknesses are, to understand their behavior in certain situations, to learn how to mitigate the conflict, to recognize other personality types, and so on.

According to D. Lowry, the actual color test is a great way to understand yourself and understand others. Only knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you will feel good, you will be able to achieve the highest goals in all areas of life.

Once you perceive yourself, you will be able to perfectly perform tasks, communicate qualitatively, evaluate the values and needs of others, motivate, duly and effectively achieve goals.

And so, which color is closest to your character, behavior, interests, and aspirations? If you still do not know, you can check the True Colors Test.

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