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As the tradition goes in my family, during one of the greatest Holidays of the year, my family and I celebrate Thanksgiving with a massive, juicy bird, and most importantly a series of sides.


Thanksgiving is a long-time American tradition since George Washington made a 1789 proclamation, by calling on the American people to acknowledge God for allowing the opportunity to peacefully establish a government for their safety and security by giving thanks.

Lincoln made Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863 and the turkeys were off to the dinner table. But, in our history books we know of Thanksgiving as the time when Pilgrims in Plymouth, Massachusetts feasted for three days with the Wampanoag people in 1621.


Now on to the good stuff. Every family has a different way of enjoying Thanksgiving but it is one of those holidays where you can’t wait to have the delicious and comforting food fill your belly ‘till your belly can’t take it anymore.

The fundamental meals in Thanksgiving dinners include buttery and baked mashed potatoes with a nice flaky brown crust, a sweet and tart cranberry sauce that lightly covers you piece of the turkey, some crunchy green beans to suit your veggie needs, crunchy and mushy filling that just keeps you wanting more, a nice milky brown gravy and maybe a crunchy pecan pie or apple pie for desert. 

Oh and let’s not forget the main attraction, the big bird; and I don’t mean the one from Sesame Street, that would just be cruel. The turkey is the main attraction, carving the turkey is usually done by the host of the family dinner, whoever it may be.


Now in terms of giving thanks during a Thanksgiving meal, we tend to give thanks during a toast. Some families give thanks through prayer while others wait to finish their meal to truly be thankful.

We have a variety of different ways that our families celebrate Thanksgiving but we all can relate in certain ways.

During Thanksgiving we all share in the comfort of great family and friends, we are thankful for many things, we eat delicious food with a juicy turkey as the guest star. Now I’m really hungry.

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