The Best Golden Sunrise Sikunir

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Sikunir is one of the best golden sunrise on planet earth.Sikunir is the name of a hill, one of the many hills and mountains surrounding the Dieng Plateau, located in the Sembungan village, Wonosobo. This hill is located in south of Lake Cebongan (tadpole) and has a height around 2300 meters above sea level. The perfect place for the sunrise moment.

Watching the beautiful sunrises on the east horizon maybe one of the best experience for us. But watching two sunrises at the same day is an amazing experience, you need a perfect place and a little bit luck to watch those sunrises with your own eyes.  The place that offered you two sunrises at the same day is Mount Sikunir at Dieng Central Java.

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Mount Sikunir probably less popular as Mount Merapi nor Mount Bromo. This place is surrounding called Dieng Plateau at 2350 above sea level. It’s located around 8 kilometers from Dieng with two alternatives way to reach the spot. The first one trekking start from around 2-3 am. Perfect physical condition is required along with other equipments.  Another option is riding a motorcycle up to Sembungan village, and climb the 800 meters to reach the top mountain.  It is safe to say for traveler to take the last option since you don’t have to wake up so early.


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