'The Birth' ~ A Fashion Film by Ezel Domanic

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We're very excited to showcase 'The Birth' a masterful creation from Turkish producer Ezel Domanic and director Ozer. This surreal fashion film concept takes the viewer through a fashion birth of sorts. From the hovering boxes appear a hint of a glamorous high heel and bare leg, a feathered hand.  The full on 'birth' progresses in slow motion to the point where models Sara, Bety, Katrina, and Rebecca slowly come into the world in glamorous designs conceived by Armagan Basal.

The other members of the team that were part of the creation of this ingenious fashion film are cinematographer Tolga Kutlar, editor Omer Ozyilmazel, and production designer Levent Uysal.

The stills above are from 'The Birth'. It was difficult to decide on which images to use as there are many beautiful and surreal moments in the video that can be shared. Definitely take time and watch the film at the links listed below.

To watch 'The Birth' click here.

For Ezel Domanic's Website click here.

Twitter Ezel   @ezeldomanic

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