The Black Trip, my role on Gemma Davies' film

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As mentioned in one of my previous blog posts, I was to be crewing on a horror film set in a haunted hotel. I had some weird experiences up there with the film crew on the recce and lighting test, and I sure wasn't going to let them stop me doing a good job on her film. 
I was sound on Gemmas film 'The Black Trip', something that I am used to doing, and one of my more comfortable job roles. However, not everything went as smoothly as I thought. There I was loaded with batteries for the Marantz recording equipment, and doing my best to get what I can only describe as 'the worst boom pole in the world' to tighten up without smashing into my fingers. I've always been quite sceptical of haunted places, but Gemma advised me that the batteries would drain very quickly, and they did. Even after recording one minute of atmos, the batteries decided to die. Because of this, I ended up linking to the Sony EX3 camera for sound, and everything went better than it did on the Marantz.

I enjoyed being on that shoot,  if the Marantz power didn't drain so quickly I would have been able to get some eerie sounds very naturally from the location itself. However, because of this, the sound effects have to be done via booking out the sound studio and doing the recordings as foley. This is not a problem, but is still doesn't have anything on the sounds we heard in the Leopard Inn.


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