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Busking -  Lukas Matena from Czech Republic has been busking around Asia for quiet sometime. Online posts had already spread about him together with his two children. He had been to Phuket which in Thailand, Bangkok and now in Cebu, Philippines.

This is a bit of a new thing to the Cebuanos as we normally see locals who are just asking for some help along the busy streets of Colon downtown Cebu. But seeing a foreigner whom we often thought are the richer ones since they had traveled all the way here is indeed a different thing.

Since Lukas has started busking, there have been photos of him posted online as well as Cebuanos has pitied him since he has his children along. But then again, these fact that he has been doing the same thing around other locations or countries in Asia without providing a proper shelter for his children and their health insurance just clears up that he is being an irresponsible parent.

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