The economical situation of Afghanistan

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Afghanistan's economy is recovering from decades of conflict . After taleban the Afghanistan country start a new way to have a big trade with the world and most of the countrys in the tried to help Afghanistan as will the situation changed and Afghans began to work universaly.But the insecurity and war is the only thing which changes a garden to Ruins as it had done before to the Afganistan

Despite the progress of the past few years ,Afganistan is extremely poor ,landlocked ,and highly depended on foreign aid ,agrriculture and trade with nighboring countries .

Mach of the population continues to suffar from shortages of hosing ,clean water ,electricity ,medical care and jabs .Criminality ,insecurity and the Afghan Governments inability to extend rule of law to all parts of the country pose challenges to future eonomic growth.

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fariba rejhan from Herat Afganistan .Student of 12th grade of Amir Ali shir Nawaie and intersted to writting topics and reports.

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