The First Generation of Greek Gods and Goddesses

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    This is the MOUNT OLYMPUS as based on the Mythology study of Greek gods and goddesses.  Everything begins here.

    Above were the Greek gods and goddesses.  (I apologize if there are images that are inappropriate to the viewer)

    In Greek Mythology, before the existence of great Greek gods and goddesses, it was originally begins from CHAOS, who was known as formless and void.  To understand it fully, Chaos is the so-called universe in the Solar System.



Nyx was a personification goddess of the night, who known as wife of Chaos.

    The couple begat three offspring namely: Erebus the eldest, Aether the second child, and the youngest Hemera.

  1. Erebus

  2.   Aether

  3.   Hemera

    In the matriarchal of mythology, the priestess or the queen had to ate the flesh of the king to gain the most power of their kind.  To overpowered the husband whose been the King Chaos, Nyx ate her husband and linked to her son Erebus, the god of deep, darkness, and shadow.

    On the other side, Hemera elopes with her elder brother Aether and conceived with four youngsters.  Under them the great so-called gods and goddesses began.

  1. Gaia - the Mother Earth, the first great goddess, and consider as the mother goddess

  2. Tartarus

  3. Eros

  4.   Pontus

Gaia liked her son Uranus and made him as the ruler of the world.

Uranus - the first ruler of the world.

    Gaia conceived and had Oceanus who married Tethys, Mnemosyne, Cronus who was the first husband of Rhea, Themis, Coeus who married Phoebe, Hyperion to Theia, and Iapetus to Clymene.

  1.   Oceanus and Tethys

  2.   Mnemosyne

  3.   Cronus and Rhea

  4.   Themis

  5.   Coeus and

  6. Hyperion and Theia

  7.   Iapetus and

 This is the first generation of Greek gods and goddesses.  (The existing of the great Zeus and other gods and goddesses will be on my next blog)

Note:  ALL IMAGES were taken from, I just edited some.  But the whole story is mine based on my study and research way back my college life.
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