The Girl Who Wants To Play

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It's true that humans and animals aren't the only ones who lives in this world there are also something not all of us can see living in this world. We are sharing this world with them, ghosts, spirits, elements or whatever you call them they are living with us and sometimes they live at the same home as us.

November 2, 2014 at 3 in the morning Kerstie has been woke up by the loud laughter of her 7 months old son and her son is looking at the stairs while laughing and her son looks like he's playing with someone but when Kerstie looked at the surrounding everyone is asleep so there's no one to play with her son. When Kirtie's son feel asleep she also forced herself to sleep.

November 3, 2014 at 2:45 in the afternoon Kerstie's 6 years old cousin is lying on their bed while she and her husband and her son is on the floor watching the noontime show on the television. The bed is pretty high for Kerstie to see her cousin on the bed because Kerstie is sitting on the floor and her cousin is lying on the bed with the pillows blocking her.

Kerstie saw her cousin went up the stairs but she was shocked when she also saw her cousin playing the barbie and she's still lying on the bed at the same moment. At the same day at 5 in the afternoon Kertie's 7 month old son got a fever so Kerstie and her husband took a very good care of their son.

November 3, 2014 at 11:45 in the evening Kertie's husband is having a problem with his toothache so that he can't sleep. Kerstie's husband stayed in the kitchen and repeatedly brushing his teeth and when he sat down on the chair he heard something like someone is washing the dishes. He's not so far from the sink where the sound coming from and he can clearly see that no one's there but he still hear the sound.

November 4, 2014 at 10 in the morning Kertie's son is still sick so she asked her husband to look after their son because she's going to buy her husband an instant coffee. When she got back home she laid her wallet on the cabinet and get the coffee ready. On the same day at 5 in the afternoon Kerstie called for a faith healer to treat her son. The faith healer told Kerstie that someone is playing with her son, someone who lives with them, someone who also lives in their home.

Kerstie's looking for her wallet but it's not on the cabinet she can't find it anywhere so her mother paid the faith healer. The faith healer told Kertie 'She's playing with you, don't look for your wallet,she'll give it back to you when she's done playing.'. Kerstie and her mother believed the faith healer because they trust him he also saved someone from the exorcism. Kerstie did not look for her wallet.

On the same day at 8 in the evening Kertie and her husband is grabbing  their dinner. Kirstie loves the television show every evening (It's drama) so when she looked at the television Kertie found the wallet, the wallet is on the cabinet in where she laid it but when she's looking for it before to pay the faith healer she cannot see it. Is it true that she's being played with? How about you? Do you want to play with the girl in Kerstie's home?

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