The Global Medical Relief Fund

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The Global Medical Relief Fund


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One of the reasons why I cannot stop on using this site though I am at the state of the flotsam and jetsam of being a college student is the mere fact that through using this site,, I can also help some charities that bitlanders are supporting. I can say that bitLanders is a site where we can earn, share our contents and do some generous acts.

WE are blessed that we are able to know this site. We can be productive in our spare time, we can mingle with other users across the world and WE LEARN. I already mentioned on my previous blog that bitLanders helps me to enhance my writing skills and to build my self-confidence in terms of socializing with other users and aside from those I really learned from miss Hillary's advices on how I can make a good blog that were able to showcase a nice flow of topic, proper presentations with relative tags and specially formatting which really help me to obtain a positive content review on each of my blogs.


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Five months ago, bitLanders gave us the opportunity to earn more when they launched the so called BITLANDERS SURVEY CHAT. I can say that this is really a great help for us to earn more bitmiles in a convenient way. We can earn by just participating to the survey chats that are hosted by the chat bots of our admins namely Hillary-summer, Bitlanders and Micky"The slanted" Salerno. Along with this new feature, Sir Micky announced a two double reward topics which were Blog about Sports and Social Good and earn Double Rewards and Blog about Gelato and earn Double Rewards that helped the bloggers on this site to get a high power ups that boosted our buzz score and helped us earn more.

Now that the double reward topics are over. I still prefer to write something related to this survey chat. I always try to participate in the survey chats to earn more bitmiles as possible as I could and through taking the survey chat with the chat bot of sir Micky, I end up thinking about this topic, the  Global Medical Relief Fund.


We are blessed that we tend to know this awesome site. By interactions, sharing contents and expressing ourselves, we can earn. Aside from the benefits that we get from this, other people are being taking care of by those small amount that our online activities can be donated. Yes, by using this site we can help raise funds for some charities. Here are the list of the charities here in

  1. Action against hunger
  2. Afghan girls financial assistance fund
  3. Americares
  4. Amici Tombe di tarquinia
  5. Babak najafi memorial scholarship fund
  6. Beat the streets ny
  7. Bob woodruff
  8. Cherry lane theatre
  9. Code to inspire
  10. Digital citizen fund
  11. Everyone matters
  12. Girl2B
  13. Girls going global
  14. Global medical relief fund
  15. Grantcoin foundation
  16. Harlem RBI
  17. Homes of hope India-US
  18. ICPCN
  19. Legacy of hope
  20. Life vest inside
  21. Michel's dream foundation
  22. Mobilink foundation
  23. New light
  24. New york city master chorale
  25. Operation supply drop
  26. Peconic land trust
  27. Right to play
  28. Souls4souls
  29. Safeplace
  30. Safety harbor kids
  31. Southampton multimedia center
  32. Stepinac high school foundation
  33. US team force boocter club
  34. Urban tech
  35. Vh1 save the music
  36. Youth business USA

As what we all know, charities are open to all sorts of donations, whether in money, in activities or in kind. Each charity in bitlanders is focusing on different kinds of situations to help; whether in medical supplies, goods, educations and others that our donations can be used to help with. Education and Digital Literacy about charities are important factors for choosing which charities you will help with. People must understand what those charitable organizations and NGO are doing for the others and what type of services and opportunities they provide. Since we are living as a digital citizens on this online community, new way of currency is being applied , the so-called bitmiles.

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Bitmiles is what we can earn from this site. It is like bitcoin which is a digital currency but generated by the use of the so-called bitmiles technology. One of my best sisters here in bitlanders created a video that best explain what is bitmiles and how this bitmiles works, you can check the video above.


The bitmiles that will be donated by our social activities on this site can be donated to our three favorite charities to support. You can choose three charities that you want to be the beneficiary of your online activities by clicking on the gear icon, under that just click on preferences and click on the last icon which is the charity icon under the word "settings" just like the picture below.

The Global Medical Relief Fund introduced by the survey chat

I am participating to the survey chat with the chat bot of sir Micky when he asked about GMRF. Honestly, I do not know much about that until he gave some useful information about this wonderful charities.

The Global Medical Relief Fund focuses in prosthetics and burn victims. Once the child is accepted for medical help by The Shriners Hospitals

-The Global Medical Relief Fund takes care of their Visa fees, air and local transportation from and to the country of origin. The process is followed for children in the United States.

-Each child is accompanied by a parent or female legal guardian. Expenses are paid for both child and parent/legal guardian.

-Housing, meals and necessary personal items are covered by our program.

GMRF has reached children from over 35 countries from all corners of the world including the United States.

United States, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Liberia, China, Nicaragua, Sierra Leon, Libya, Liberia, Honduras, El Salvador, Niger, Iraq, Pakistan, Ecuador, Nepal, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Montenegro, Kosovo, Russia, Israel, Congo, India, Swaziland, Syria, Kenya, Tanzania, Mexico, Philippines, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Peru and St. Lucia.


The Global Medical Relief Fund

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The non-profit, non-partisan Global Medical Relief Fund “Federal Tax ID: 13-3987722” aids children who are missing or have lost the use of limbs or eyes, or have been severely burned, or have been injured due to war, natural disaster or illness.

I visited the link that sir Micky have mentioned during the survey chat and I tend to know more about GMRF. I got amazed on how they implemented their mission to help those people especially when they give some prosthetic parts of a body like limbs. It is good to know that there are some people who are still bringing positive changes by the means of these and how they taking care of those patients.

If ever you want to give some donations directly to their charity, just visit this link --> donate


By doing some activities here in bitlanders such as: haunting little treasure boxes, buzzing some notifications on your homepage, sharing notifications to the other social media sites and purchasing from the bit store , you can send some donations from that just like what stated in the image above.

Aside from those, you can also send some amount of bitmiles directly to their charity by heading up to the


The amount of bitmiles that you will send directly to the charity will give you an additional direct power ups that may last for up to seven days or in just one day. Anyways, direct power ups should not just be the reason of donating, you must donate depends upon to what you feel in your heart to be donated :)

I chose The Global Medical Relief Fund to be one of my favorite charities to help with because I have my friend who is using prosthetic limb. Yes, it is hard to see her everyday with that but somehow, her prosthetic limb helps her to live like normal, to move like normal and to feel like as if she's still complete. I am personally see with my eyes how the aims of GMRF bring positive impact to other people's lives and since I have the chance to help even just by using this site, I will never stop using bitlanders.

Over all, I really like bitLanders. I like the platforms especially the way of helping and improving someone's ability to write, to do films and in photography. I can say that this site helps me with my financial needs for my projects in  school and help me learn something new. This serve as my eye-opener to know beyond some charities and to know other people across the world. So, even though my college life is getting harder and busier, I will always find a time to stay active on this site. To earn, to help, and to enjoy my cyber world ^__^


Note: Aside from the infromation from the survey chat with the chat bot of sir micky and the information from the link that have mentioned by the survey chat, the content of this blog is my original work, please don't plagiarize.

Thanks for reading!

--> Shaiera

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