The Himalaya Mountains

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The Himalaya Mountains area unit mountains that area unit placed in southern Asia. they're a vicinity of in Asian country, India, Pakistan, Xizang and Asian country. The mountains area unit the best within the world, reaching virtually nine,000 meters higher than water level. The Himalaya Mountains separate the Indian landmass from the inner a part of Asia. The word Himalaya suggests that “home of snow”.
14 mountains area unit over eight,000 meters high, among them the Godwin Austen , mountain peak and Everest, at 8,848 meter the world’s highest mountain. The Himalaya Mountains extend over one,500 miles (2,400 km) from the Indus depression within the west to the river depression within the east. they're between one hundred and 250 kilometers wide.
Many of the mountain peaks area unit sacred to the people that board the encircling areas. Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims go there and pray to God.
The Himalaya Mountains belong to the youngest mountain ranges within the world. They were fashioned once the Indian landmass, that was originally a vicinity of the southern solid ground, drifted to the north and crashed into Asia. This movement started concerning seventy million years past and has been happening up to this day. The Himalaya Mountains area unit still changing into taller, moving at concerning seven cm per annum. Earthquakes and volcanoes area unit proof that the realm remains terribly active

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