The Lost Chick

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I woke up this morning earlier than I had been used to do so because I am in the province and that most of the people here wake up very early like five in the morning unlike in the city where in the earliest time that I wakes up is around seven which is already late here and so I did eat my breakfast at six thirty! That is really really early, whenever I am in the city, my breakfast becomes a brunch and I know it is not a good thing and I really want to get that changed asap.
But anyway, there's something special about today because we noticed our native chickens, the one which I brought with from Oslob last December has been really noisy. We then checked it and saw a little chick on the ground, eating those feeds which has fallen from the big ones' feed containers.
We then thought this chick might be from the hen who is around four months old only so we checked the cage but couldn't find any traces of a broken egg shell and it is also impossible for it to lay eggs as it is still very young. We then thought it might have been lost and found its way to our backyard because of the feeds on the grounds. Well then, we took it and placed inside a box. Now we have three native chickens, two are of four months old and the other is maybe a week old perhaps. Isn't it fun?

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