The Music Of The Night Sky

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      Last night I could not sleep so, I went to the window of my room and looked up at the night sky-


           It was full of bright little stars and a silver moon. Everything was very still and quiet. Not a single leaf stirred. I loved the stillness of the night. Then, suddenly, I heard a very faint music. It was very faint but clear. It was the most wonderful music I had ever heard.

  It seems to be floating down from the sky. I seemed to be floating with it. Away from my home and this world. I seemed to go up and up towards the sky, towards the dancing stars and the bright silver moon. I forgot all about my worries and problems. I seemed to be the part of the sky. I danced with the stars and sang songs along with the moon. All the time the music was becoming more and more beautiful. It was the best music one could ever hear. It made me realize the beauty of the night. No music can ever be compared with the that music because it was the “Music of the Night Sky:

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Hamna khan from abbottabad

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