The negative side of Sharing

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Sharing is amazing, indeed, it's bewildering or in other words, something really bigger. With the technology revolution, the concept of 'sharing' has gone to a whole new level, we are not restricted to news media instead with the networking media it won't be wrong for me to say that we 'individually' are a media ourselves. In this blog, I wanted to highlight some of the pros and cons of sharing through social media particularly related to Afghanistan.

Majority of us are conversant with the fact that bad news sell and sells big time, its quite sad for me to relate that all media aggrandize 'negativity' and it's growing in so fast pace that anyone who has access to any media is bound to familiarize with all the negativity happening in our surroundings, to simplify it, we have to search for the positive news and bad news is all around us and yes, it exerts influence on our youth, unless you are an effervescent personality, the standard of the sharing content will eventually consume us all into the dark deep well. 

Coming towards the topic, there has been several movements in social media by the name of 'Citizen Journalism' that are focused on getting the positive outcome from students across Afghanistan, however, it's very disappointing to see groups and pages in Facebook and Twitter sharing tangential material regardless of the topic and group's sole purpose, then, like always it's followed by a huge number of supporters and opposers leading to a whole different level of benightedness. This, for me is a big element of concern as its results has been highly satisfactory on the negative side and instead of getting the good out of our youth, we actually are promoting negativity.

As an optimist I am very much hopeful of the impact of these movements, I support their purpose and would very much like them to prosper as they are putting a great effort for their aims. What I believe is very simple, it takes more than just efforts to get the results we are expecting, what distinguishes us from the whiners is the continuing of the hard work till we achieve what is desired.

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