The NEW BlackMagic URSA!! MHMMM IN LOVE!!!

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I love shooting on film when I make my shorts!  

However, Film is getting very expensive to come by.   A lot of filmmakers have been moving to digital film making. 

Don't get me wrong!  Digital is awesome!  I just love film!

However, I am happy that BlackMagic is releasing the URSA soon!!  

A film maker must have the right tools for the job!  The URSA shoots up to 4k on a Super 35 sensor!  For those of you who know what I am talking about, you know how sexy that is!!!

It also has interchangeable PL and EF mounts for your lenses!  AWESOME!!  Not gonna lie I love shooting with PL lenses.   My favorite being the 11 to 250!  Goes as low as a f/1.9 and gives such a crisp image! 

The design is amazing! The interior works is amazing! This camera is amazing!

This is a must have for any filmmaker!  

Ok I am done rambling for now! I know this is a short one! 

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