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I just read an article talking about the new Star Trek: Into Darkness blu-ray will be tricky to get, if you're a completist. Meaning? If you want all of the special features you have to buy it twice. Ok, you know what? That seems really lame considering all of the jabberjaw about 'blu-ray this and blu-ray that', but I almost understand. In a desperate attempt to combat piracy, Paramount has figured this would be a good way to get some of that stolen money back. Charge the people that probably saw it in theaters, numerous times no doubt, twice to get all of the goods. Jerky? Maybe. But check this out, they aren't available at the same store!!  One version is only available at Target and the other at Best Buy.So, if after say, seeing Star Trek: Into Darkness at the theater twice(because it was that good) you have to have them both, screw it, you'll buy it twice. You have to get into your car and drive from Target to Best Buy to complete your set!! Come on!

That is my rant ,I'm leaving to pick them up now.



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