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 It seems that food and flavor companies are always searching for the next big thing, the next trend in a super-fruit or the next big berry.

The American public, being one of the greatest consumer societies in the world, is always seeking for the next super-fruit or super-food, one that has tons of antioxidants, vitamins, cures all diseases, fights villains, and transforms you into batman; which is perfect for ad agencies.

The most recent obsessions with certain plant based food products include pomegranates (POM Wonderful), kale, gojiberries and acai berries.  POM Wonderful’s pomegranate juice claimed a variety of health claims such as fighting heart disease, prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction; however, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) indeed found the claims to be deceptive.

On the other hand the acai berry gained a ton of recognition when famous TV-celebrity Dr. Oz otherwise known as Mehmet Oz called the acai and “antiaging” food.

Another food item that had consumers going bonkers is kale. According to the Wall Street Journal, “on the radar for next year is the Olallieberry, a hybrid cross of loganberry and youngberrythat is known locally in California, says Andrea Ramirez, customer marketing manager for Torani, a San Francisco maker of berry and other flavored syrups”.

This is not to imply that the craze for the next superfruit is a negative thing; it is most definitely positive for the American public (used loosely) to switch over from burgers and fries to berries, spinach and kale.

The purpose is just to raise the realization that the cause of the berry craze is the effect of very successful advertising campaigns suited to the public’s desire for a health conscious image of themselves.

These adverts succeeded in showing the American public that by ingesting these foods, they will feel feel healthier, happier and will routinely return to the supermarket to regain that feeling.

The only downside is in the companies that produce artificial food products and not food. Once a product transforms from Acai berry juice to include high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, sucralose, spiderman’s venom, wax from Dracula’s candles and Dr. Jekyll’s potion, those simple berries become turn into mini-science experiments.

All in all, the berry craze will only boost our health so eat a handful of blueberries, acai berries and next year, someOlallieberries.

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