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Judas Iscariot was one of the twelve disciples of Christ who turned over him to the Jewish priests and they crucified Him .centuries ago A great painter was engaged to paint the life of Christ for a Church .the painter finished his work, except for the two most important figures: the childhood of Christ and Judas Iscariot. One day while walking in an old part of the city he saw some children playing in the street

.among them was a 12-old boy whose face was the face of an angel. The painter took the child home with him and day after day the boy at patiently until the painting of the face of the childhood of Christ was finished than the painter searched for a model for Judas to finish his master piece but he could not find anybody one afternoon as he was sitting in a tavern a gaunt and tattered the tavern and cried Wine, wine .the painter looked at his face that seemed to have the marks of every sin of Mankind .and chose him

for the model of Judas .the old painter invited him and told him come with me .I will give you wine food and clothing for many days and parts of many nights the painter looked at his face and tried to paint the figure of Judas and complete his masterpiece.

One day while the painter was busy with painting, the person who was chosen for the model of Judas asked him. "Do you not really remember me? Years ago when i was a boy, you also chose me for the model of the childhood of Christ.

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