The potentiality of chocolate

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Among the many interesting discoveries the marines made while posted in Afghanistan, one stood out for its true novelty. The people of Afghanistan, who do not speak a single word of English, are very well acquainted with the term ‘chocolate’. They perhaps have been introduced to this sweet delicacy by the soldiers, but once introduced they are totally hooked on.

Marine Luke Sanford very pleasantly found out how precious a bar of chocolate could be. People of all ages, adults and children, flocked to him and yelled “chocolate, chocolate”. Stocking his pouch with the chocolates his family had sent over, the marine would leave for his daily duties and within a couple of hours every single piece would be eaten and more demanded!

As Sanford himself says, if he owned a chocolate company, he would rake in in profits. There is no chocolate manufacturer or retailer in the entire country where now the demand for it is so high. This would for sure prove to be brilliant news for any chocolate company in the world!

Fransesco Rulli, President of Film Annex says, “Afghanistan is like the United States when Columbus arrived”. He says the country has tremendous business potential and would be the perfect place for anyone to start a business. Even if a pizza parlor is opened, the proprietor will enjoy a solid monopoly.

With the present condition, the Afghans have to rely on the marines and other soldiers for their share of chocolates and till better facilities, they can be happy with the regular supply they receive. 

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