The rainy seasion is very cute seasion

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The RainY SeaSioN

The rainy seasion being in Pakistan When The sOuth West MonsOon winds being To bLow Our this country .

The seasIon is left in the Mounths of June Till To The September


The rainy Seasion comes after to the Summer seasion .

So this season being relife to everybody . We enjoy rain . very Often its rain for a days together .

the water level rises . trees look More and more green . On a Rainy day the sky is being cOvereD with Clouds .

the sun remain hidden behinds the clouds.

Some time low pressure occours and it result in heavy rain      <3            


tanks and pools are filled with water . in this season the colour of water rain turns to be yellow due to particles of mud .

Roads become muddy . Rain water flow on the roads with high speed . Childrens made paper boats and flote them into the water . 

The rainy seasion is helpful for us in many ways .The earth which was dry become cool and soft becouse of rain .

The air become cool and comfortable .the air in this seasion become pre from dust .

Farmers become happy to find the rain in this season .......

The Rainy Seasion is also not without troubles . It being us some inconvenseves . As Road become muddy the Peoplesfaces many difficulties to Move from one place to another place.......

if it rains for day together the working class peoples suffers from starvation . 

the Donot get work at anywhere .

Floods occurs and beings heavy damage to crops .................

The Rainy SeasIon remembered For the famous car fastival .......this fastival is enjoy and more celebrated in the " ORISSA "



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