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Labor is one of the main problems of Pakistan. Thousands of people are working in factories, mills, workshops, sweet shops, manufacturing, trade, transport, clothes shops, agriculture, construction, and services. Auto mobile workshops are one of the main working places for poor working children. Hundreds of them with black faces, hands, foots and black clothes can be seen both outsides of the road those who are working in auto repair workshops. laborer in the auto mobile (repair) workshops is found in motorcycle repair workshops, cars and mini buses repair workshops, heavy buses and truck workshops, auto rickshaws repair workshops and also found in heavy machinery repair workshops.


Thousands of working people with black dresses, hands, foots and black faces can be seen everywhere on both sides of the roads. Thousands of them can be seen working under heavy vehicles for instance, car, trucks, jeeps etc. people are working at auto workshops without care of their own selves. They are working with hot machines in any circumstances.

Islamic aspects

Islamic views about the labor are very clear and prestigious as Islam emphases on the labor work and its dignity in the society. According to Holy book“the laborer is the friend of God”

So we can say that the Islam gives more focus on the labor and handwork in the society so the people should work hard and should earn their livelihood by legal means which can never harm the other people in the society.

People who earn the livelihood by the means of sacred are given the social respect and honor and the people who earn the same earning by means of profane are criticized and are sanctioned upon them which cause the humiliation for them.

Social acceptance

The people in some orderly social structure always give the respect and honor to those people who are contented with their property and earning so they always satisfied with their earning and so hence they do not do any forbidden acts in the society which harm the social and peace of the society.



Labor is the sacred profession and is liked by the people and Islamic education. So it should be on some legal and social accepted means otherwise, it will destroy the social order and will be a cause of contention among people in any society.




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