The Salt And The Watering Hole

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Once upon a time, there lived an old wise. One morning, along came a young man who was met with a lot of problems. The sequence gontai and water the face of the ruwet. Guests that it looks like people are not happy.

Without wasting time, people that tell you all the problem. Old man wise, just listen to it carefully. He then took a handful of salt, and asked his guest to take a glass of water. Ditaburkannya the salt in a glass, then diaduknya slowly. “Try drink this, and tell me how it feels..”, ujar old man.

“It's bitter. Bitter once”, answered the guests, spitting sideways.

The Old man, a little smile. He then invites his guest, to walk to the edge of the watering hole in the forest near where he lived. Two people are walking side by side, and finally here they are to the edge of the watering hole is quiet.

The Old man, then back menaburkan a handful of salt, into the watering hole. With a piece of wood, making waves, stirring up and created the ripples of the water, probing the quiet watering hole. “Try, take the water from the watering hole, and drink. When the guest is finished mereguk the water, the Old man said again, “How does it feel?”.

“Fresh.”, sahut his guest.
“Do you feel the salt in the water?”, ask Old man again.
“No”, answered the young man.

Wisely, the Old man pats-nepuk the back of the young man. He then asked her to sit face, get down on the side of the watering hole. “Young man, listen. Pahitnya life, is like a handful of salt, no more and no less. The amount and the bitter taste it is the same, and it will stay the same.

“But, the bitterness that we feel, will be very dependent of the containers we have. Bitterness, will be based from a feeling place we put everything. It will all depends on our hearts. So, when you feel bitterness and failure in life, there's only one thing you can do. Lapangkanlah your chest to receive everything. Luaskanlah your heart to hold any bitterness.”

The Old man then back to giving advice. “Your heart, it's a container. The sentiment is that place. Kalbumu, is the place where you hold everything. So, don't let it be your heart is like a glass, make it look like the watering hole is able to turn every bitterness and turn it into freshness and happiness.”

Both then go home. They both learned that day. And the Old man, the wise man that, back save “a handful of salt”, for other young guys, who often came to him to bring unrest to the soul.