The scariest thing is man

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In many movies and books have made ​​the thinking pattern, "In this world there are so many scary things but still the scariest thing is man". Why so, we are human, we see our fellow scariest???

We're the one specie; we have the same kinds of needs. We need food, every Ethnic Grouphave one type of food, but the main difference is still something to insert into our mouth. We need clothes, need a place to reside. We need money.

When we have enough the basic things we want to rise up power, high social position. Social goes up, life is faster. We expect to achieve what we desire, and there are persons despite all to achieve. They trample each other, harm each other. More people ,more motivated, more acting, the colorful world that should be enough evil form.

Yes, the scariest thing is man! What do you think ?

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