The scene of railway station

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A proclamation about the arrival of train is made. A bustle begins at the railway station. People rush toward the ticket room to buy tickets. Some begins to gaze in the direction of the approaching train. At that time many people start their work to steal money and things. Passengers are busy in buying tickets and things of refreshment and bad people show their skills. At last whistle of train is heard. The train looks graceful when it enters the station. As soon as it stops people try to come out of the trains at that time new passengers try to get on the train.

Some are tedious their suitcases and some are booming their bags. The platform become very crowded at that time and many incidents happened with passengers at that time. Some passengers’ urgency to the tea stalls and some are ordering eatables. Some goes to the water cooler to fill their bottles with fresh and cool water. The sellers are selling their food items. There are few guards wandering about on the platform.

A few ticket checkers in their identical are also come into sight. There are other people who have come either to receive their relatives, friends and family members or to see them off. Soon the train whistles. The guard begins to wave the green banner. The passengers rush towards their cabins. The train begins to leave slowly. Finally it disappears. People begin to leave the station. All the activity ends so suddenly after trains. At last the station is deserted.

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