The Story Of Brave Boys

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Waqas and Arif are very good friends .

They are class fellows and School mates also.Luckily They are neighbors also and that's why they go to school together and also do their home work and play together.They are so closed that they can never live without each other.On their way for school there is a grave yard they have to cross it while going to school.

One day when they are crossing the grave yard while going to school suddenly two long men comes in front of them . Waqas and Arif get frightened on seeing them.These two look like gangsters .Both stopped on seeing them .They come close to them and threaten them with long sharp knifes.

"What do you want from us" said Arif with great fear.

"Go with Us quickly and quietly if you will made any voice than i will kill you by this knife"said one of the man.

"Where are you taking us?"said  Waqas

The Men forcefully grabbed them and pull them forward.One man start walking forward and the other fallowed them.Than Arif said with fear "Are you Kidnapping us?" The man said by pointing the edge of knife on his neck  ''Boy don't talk and walk quickly".Arif and Waqas find their self help less and hence start walking . There is a jeep outside the grave yard . The man ordered them to sit on back seat and sit with them also.

One man said"Vicky Take care of these two guys they are so clever"

Vicky replied"don't worry they can't run from their" and then start jeep with high speed.There is no vehicle on the road so that they cry for help and Whether they shout . Vicky will kill them.So they sat quietly .The jeep steadily go towards the jungle and stopped at the end of a mud pavement near a big house .

Arif and Waqas get surprised to see such a huge building in jungle but they understand that this is their gang place . Vicky stopped and go in to the building with them .Crossing the gallery he reached at the front of room and knocked at the door.

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