The structure of the resource and its initial optimization

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Thus, the structure of the resource. What is it? And what could she be? Currently the most popular and widely used is three-tier model of the structure resource and its component parts (pages, chapters, etc.). The name of this model speaks for itself, it is clear that it includes following three levels: the main page, or home, theme heads and under their little heads. The structure of the resource must be created in accordance with this model, regardless of its content, the essence and purpose of the resource is not in any way affect its overall structure.Each of these levels performs its task. So, the home page should be such that every user could understand what a resource, what is its essence, what benefit it can give to client and how to find the necessary information. Thematic chapters discuss a variety of topics of resource, and under Chapter characterize them in more detail. Looks pretty simple, but in reality to make high-quality resources fully adequate to the structure very difficult.That is why, as already noted in the first Chapter about the organization of your site, create a schema resource in advance.

In that case, when Your site includes a number of pages, You should put them in the same folder as the home page (in the same directory). If Your site has several sections and they contain a lot of pages, then it is better to place them in subdirectories created in advance for all these sections. By doing this, You will never get lost in Your pages and to find necessary. That is, You need to create such a structure of the resource in which You and after a fairly long time can easily navigate to any page of the resource.

With the structure of the site, we figured, let's move on to its initial optimization.

Resource optimization

Successful for initial optimization of Your website, as mentioned in previous chapters ("Meta tags in HTML"), you must apply for all pages in the resource tags of the titles (title) and description (description). And also it is necessary to identify the nodes (key) words or whole phrases and use them in title and description, and, of course, in the text of the entire document. Will be sufficient to use these words and phrases in the text only a few times in their original form, you must also use them in other numbers and declensions.And better yet, if You apply the synonyms for these key words and phrases.

Do not forget that marks out different ways hub words and phrases, e.g. in italics or bold, or underlined, and also used in the headings (h1...h6) will become more meaningful to search engines and is particularly pronounced for users.

Follow these recommendation, You will be able to provide excellent textual content for users (not dry and not brachyury) and the required number of key words in a variety of variations for search engines. Never forget that optimization of Your site in any case should not be brought to indiscriminate sofiane node words in all necessary and unnecessary places! Remember about customers of Your website.

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