The Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Google+

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Going by the numbers I can safely assume you have a Facebook page. If you don't you are actually in the minority of online users who partake in blogs and search, but avoid social networking. Don't worry - everyone has their reasons and I won't judge you.

That said to the ones who are interested and currently partaking in social media there are a few reasons why you should be headed to Google+ right now and creating an account for yourself. They stem from Google search and SEO benefits all the way to just the fact that you have a GMAIL and you're missing out on some cool features. The adoption of Google+ has been taking some time, but each day hundreds of thousands take the leap.

Here are my top 3 reasons why you should be using Google+:

1. You Might Already Be Using Google+

If you have a GMAIL or use any of the Google Apps such as Drive, Documents, or Labs there is a good chance you might have a pre-populated Google+ page waiting for you to claim it. So go claim it! Google+ allows your identity and branding to better sync with your other Google actions. It gives a face to the name and will help others and yourself keep track of your social actions. If you're already knee-deep in Google go for the leap.

2. Your Pretty Face and Links Will Appear in Google Search

Hey Look! It's me! This is great for personal branding and for anyone looking for more information pertaining to you. Google will pull all articles you've done with Google Authorship attached as well as public relevant information on your Google plus profile. Don't worry about privacy as you decide what it shows.

3. Google + is Fantastic For SEO

Blind Five Year Old did a fantastic job for Google+ for SEO and wrote a guide documenting the best practices. Check it out here.

Think of it this way: In order to get your name out there on social media you'll have to do more than just contribute to the same social media networks. Facebook content will live and breathe (and die) within Facebook unless someone thinks it worthy of getting it out there. Since that is rarely to happen that responsibility lies on you.

Using Google+ is not only a great way to get your personal branding and search values up, but it's a great new adventure in the world of content marketing. Get out there and show your stuff to the masses with the benefits of search marketing. The network is endorsed by Google. Clearly Google will give you the benefits of search where it can. Don't underestimate this and don't think it's not worth your time developing a new network just because its Google. Get out there.

For the lazy the most important areas for your profile for SEO are as follows,

The most important signal is whether the query term appears in the Introduction, Employment, Education or Places lived section of your profile.


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