The vision of God

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The vision of God::--

It is necessary to tell the aspirant openly or secretly all about God and the creation, in fact about God and the Creation, in fact about the reality of the whole existence. In the light of this knowledge imparted to him at once or on different occasion the seeker is enable to see the light at the end. It must never be considered ordinary knowledge. Actually it is so important that in a way the perfect Murshid through a discourse or exposition by another means conveys the murid “to god the very first day.” Rasala Ruhi in which the doctrine of faqr has been revealed, has been called by Hazrat Sultan Bahu “the spiritual guide” for the initiate. He declares: “And if a seeker of the path of the spiritual conduct has an access to it and hold it fast I will make him a Gnostic with an enlightened mind.”

the Sufi Doctrine generally means the theories, beliefs and principles propounded by the Sufis or Faqirs about the Divine Reality and Truth in the light of their intellectual and visionary experiences and more so in accordance with the Islamic source of knowledge. It serve as mental , moral and spiritual perspectives for the murud diring his progress on his way to his spiritual destination.

the review in the Risala about the being of Creator, the creation and also the position of man in relation to both is authentic. the saint speaks with the authority granted to him by God and his apostle:

     “know that the author of this treatise _the perfect Gnostic of Qadiriya who is capable of every power and present at every station, absorbed in the Divine Essence of the absolute is pleased to say that ….he was granted the exaltation by the eternal favor of the truth of truth and commanded by the most noble Prophet of effluent light to show the right path to all the mortals whether they are Muslims or infidels, fortunate or unfortunate alive or dead …..”

His writing abounded with the metaphysical insight put forward by him as a grand Shaik in a ”scattered” manner in his books. The modern readers feel difficulty to pick up the pieces and adjust them so that he might perceive the system as a whole. but fortunately here is one small treatise Risala Ruhi which contains all that was revealed to him during a highly spiritually trance-like state, “God forbid if you consider this fine covenant as the composition of this slave of God,” he warns.