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You are known by what you say, how you behave in the public. How you say, how you talk, and how you make up things in public, that makes a perception about you in the public. You can impress people, you can make them attracted towards yourself, you can present yourself in a beautiful way! But that is only to the lines of this world, the world does not see your thoughts, they see your dress, they see your language, they see you rules, they see your manners, but they do not see what’s inside you. They do not see what is inside your brain,. They do not see "How" you think! That’s what matters a lot ! Only God knows how you take things in your brain! Only God has Idea! So that is the most important thing that how you present yourself you the God! Thoughts are what makes you devil or angel! Thoughts are what make you good or bad. Thoughts what takes you the heights or take you to the lows!
A man’s thoughts make him stand out from the rest of the world. 

The thoughts of an individual present his side, how clean or how dirty one is. You have to take good care of your thoughts, because God knows what’s inside you and what you hide from the world. So the more you are clean from inside, the more you are acceptable to the God, so better to concentrate on your thoughts rather than polishing your outlooks.

Before sleeping every night one must recall all the things you have done in the whole day because in this way one can become more persistent about his heart and about his thoughts. A man is known by his thoughts. Good thoughts led to more productive things and bad thoughts take you to the new lows and negativity.
keep your thoughts clean to be successful. 


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