Three Decades of War, Caused the Taliban Creation, a Primitive, dogmatic, terrorist and insurgent group

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The years before the revolution started in Afghanistan, the country was in a comparative security under the secular kingdom, and later absolute republic system of the government. The security in these years is called the calmness before hurricane. The population was divided to the absolute majority of rural and minority of urban settlers. The people were not satisfied of the political, societal, economical, educational, government organizing status and racial, linguistic and religious discriminations. But, the government did not pay attention. So, a white coup happened by the paternal cousin of the king, and the government changed from kingdom to absolute republic. At the late term of the secular republic government, the military opposing of the Islamic groups started. Because, the government, the coalition of the communists under the support of the USSR and secular republicans thought the Islamic groups and parties their only enemies. The secularist republicans, the major power of the government focused on Islamic groups to destroy them. Then the relations of the communists and secular republicans went wrong, they lost confident to each other, and the second coup happened, but bloody and by the communists. They got the power and a new political term started in our country.

The military conflicts increased and the Soviet Union intervened militarily to Afghanistan. Then the civil war started, and is going on up to now. The civil war changed its face different times and rollers changed the roles too. But, one thing is stable, the civilian’s causalities, more and more. When the Islamic parties by name of  Mujahidin got the power from the communists, the racial, linguistics, religious and the most important the interventions of the neighborhood countries did not let us to make the government which fought for years, and gave about two millions of people. Some mujahidin parties were directly guided by the intelligence agencies of other countries. So, the people were tired of the civil war and the Pakistan intelligence agency (ISI) by collaboration of some western and Arabic intelligence agencies made an armed group by name of The Taliban. Their birth place was the south and east of Afghanistan and the north of Pakistan. There were hundred other terrorist groups like Al-Qaida, from all over the world fighting beside the Taliban. 

They tried to grab the power, hundreds of war started by them, and thousands of people were killed.  Once they occupied the Mazar-e-sherif city of the Balkh Province in north of the country but, defeated, the second time they entered the city, and killed thousands of innocent people. So, the civil war continued until a suicide attack happened by Al-Qaida the Taliban Partner in the USA and about three thousand people killed. The USA by a Worldwide Coalition and cooperation of the formal government of the country which were fighting against the Taliban defeated them, the new government with a comparative democracy and freedom came. It is about twelve years from that time, the Taliban are fighting using different ways and devices to kill their enemies. Thousands of innocent people, girls, women, school boys, prayers of the mosque, teachers, students, officials and the world coalition for Afghanistan and the Afghanistan’s forces are killed by the Taliban and their partner groups.

They closed thousands of schools in their under control regions, and are fulfilling their accepted laws. Every day they are threatening more regions in Afghanistan. The security situation is going wrong and wrong. Now the government is not able to take the security of the whole country. The people are not satisfied of the government, due to the mass corruption, incompetency, racialism and racial, linguistic and religious discriminations in the government. Therefore, the people are very worried of the country in 2014, and there is a big puzzle in their mine, what will happen in 2014 and beyond? Who will take the power? What the Taliban and their foreign supporter will do in the country? Will the civil war start again? And thousands of more questions.

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Ahmad Shafi Raouf was born in 1990 in Herat province of Afghanistan, graduated from high school in 2008. Then started BBA in 2009 in Ishraq university of Herat city, Afghanistan. He is studying now in seventh semester as a senior, and is planning to get his masters degree. He started…

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