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 So I was watching a television program on The History Channel the other day, one that we may all enjoy rom time to time and the program focused on great musical artists that revolutionized the world of classical music

What is very unfortunate in the world of classical music is the truth, as we know it, that the genre is losing traction from a general perspective worldwide, and I don’t mean the classics as in The Rolling Stones, the Beatles or AC/DC.


But that is not to say that those individuals who practice and play classical instruments are not passionate or talented. Quite the contrary, students graduating from musical school are better than ever. 

Classical music may be a “dying” art but students continue to follow their passions as thousands graduate from music schools every year in search of a career, to be noticed and gain recognition from the general public by becoming a part of a symphony orchestra.

Many classical musicians and educators in the art of the classics believe students are stronger than every; they have a broader, more diverse take on the classic sounds of Johann Christian Bach, Joseph Haydn or Mozart

Students studying this phenomenal form of music are exposed to different styles and genres throughout their lifetimes, hearing Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Green Day on the radio while studying and perfecting their musical talents in the classics.


This diversity will ultimately produce some very unique and moving sounds that will hopefully bring people back to this classical style of music.

It is very unfortunate and basically depressing that many people refuse to listen to classical music when this form of art is a significant extension if not the definition of beauty. 

Another fun fact, which I may have mentioned in the past, is that classical music has shown time and time again, that it improves retention when studying or reading.


Even though finding jobs for classical musicians and composers may be difficult in this present time, I have high hopes that the new and improved students graduating from music schools will transform these numbers and society will gain more interest in this style of music once again.

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