To be in the shoes of an Italian girl

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Staying here in Filmannex, I started to read about the condition of women around the world, and the situation they live in. That made me think about my country too, and what I have to endure every day as a woman.

I live in Italy, and I lived here all my life. My hometown is a small village of 7000 people, a comunity where everyone knows his neighbour. I live with my family, and we tend not to talk around too much: we have friends, but not many. It is really difficult to find a work in a place like this (because of the Italian mentality "Give a job only to your friends") and it's even more difficult in you are a woman: as a girl, I have to prove that I'm worth it, but in the meantime I must be not too kind with my co-workers, or every smile, every kind gesture will be mislated as an advance. 

I have to mantain a certain dress code, wich (depending on the work) usually is a medium-long skirt and a blouse, but the skirt must be not too short, and the blous not too transparent (or too low-necked, or too short) or my co-workers, again, may haharrass me. 

These rules also apply to personal life: if you come to Italy in summer, and you're in a sea town, you may see men without shirt, but if a woman wears shorts or even a t-shirt, she will have to bear hundred of glazes from idiots on the street.

What really makes me angry is that we claim to be an "advanced" civilization, that here women have the same rights as men and that all are created equal, but that's not what I see everyday. Half of the popolation of Italy (or even more) will treat you like a prostitute only because you exist, and they won't even feel ashamed of it. They will wander around collectiong women, strutting with friends about how much they are manly and women like them, but if a woman does this she will immediatly be labelled as a prostitute. 

In this country, if a woman does one bad thing, all the category will suffer the labelling deriving from her. Take all the examples of woman that can't drive well, or that marry old man for the sake of money: in Italy, only because these kind of women exist, other women must bear the burden. 

Tell me again how much Italy is an "advanced" nation in matter of women tolerance., because what I read is so far from reality I live in that it's almost ridicolous.


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