To SPEC or not to SPEC?

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Speculative? Specification? Specimen? Specify? Species? Spectacles? Speculum? Spectacular? Special?



Anyway, we're doing it.  Mad Ruffian is now in the pre-production stages of making an EPIC SPEC spot!  For a long while now, we toyed with the idea of doing it at all... Many people have many different views on whether producing a spec spot is a good idea.

Here's what we think:

We think it depends on how good they are.  If you can tell that the spot isn't real or quality enough to have been conceived for months on end by an ad agency and approved by the picky client and then fought for by production companies and shot with a professional team, then it probably isn't worth putting on your reel... And, in that case, isn't worth pumping your own money and time into making in the first place!  However, if you can produce quality and interesting work on your own that could compete with or fall in line with any real, commissioned TVC, then why not??  Go for it!    The important thing to remember is that your idea must stand out - - not saying that it should be explicit or off brand - - however, if you are going to invest in anything for any business with the only intent being to attract new business, you ought to make sure it isn't boring or too much like someone else's.  If you were an inventor, you wouldn't just reproduce another inventor's work!


So... with all of that spouting and blow-harding... keep a look out for it.  We plan to shoot by early July. ...And did we mention, it is E P I C???

Can't tell you much about it yet, except imagine one of the biggest brands in advertising with the most successful ad campaigns in years.  Yeah - them.  And then imagine a small little husband and wife team taking-them-on!!!  


 **a-hem, hint..tagline** 



We'll keep you apprised of the progress as we get rollin'!  (And you can ALWAYS let us know if there is some lovely person out there looking to become a Patron of the Arts, as we will happily indulge his/her philanthropic desires.)


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