Top Questions and Ansewer to Qustions during Interview:

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Second question which is often ask is “What are your greater weakness?”:

Many people make mistake during answering to this question. To answer this question you have to be very frank off course you do not have to bluff your prospective employer but at the same time it is not advisable to tell the interviewer that; you sleep very much, you are very moody, you are very temperamental, you don’t take any thing seriously, you waste time very much etc. if you ask me to tell my weaknesses, I will surely tell them, but I will tell those weaknesses which will appear to be a virtue for them for example I will tell them that when I start working I forget any thing even my lunch. Therefore you have to be very smart if there is asked by you for your weaknesses.

The third question they might ask you is “What are your strengths?”:

In strengths try to improve your interpersonal skills instead of improving your GPA, off course GPA does matter but there are so many other thing which are need to be improved. So try to improve your skills like leadership qualities, communication skills etc.

The fourth question that might be asked is “Why is your GPA not higher?”:

May be you feel little embarrassment after asking this question and you knees your eyes down in front of prospective employer, don’t do that, your employer can ask you probing question like this and if you are smart person you can answer these question very tactfully for example you can say that due to my extra co curricular activities my GPA falls down, I was a captain of my university team, I was also a debater, I was editor also etc these are the activities which influences my academic score. Here after hearing this tricky answer thought that, it doesn’t matter if the GPA is low this person has got some extra skills. Mind the purpose of asking this question is not to embarrass you, the purpose is to find out to certain abilities in you and as well as they want to know how you react and how is your behavior.


Fifth question may ask to you that “if I hire you what changes will you make in our organization”

When this is question is being asked, they are not expecting that you will give them very nice ideas. The only reason to asking this question is to find out that how much creativity you have? How much you innovative? What is your thought process? Do you have rational thinking?

You can say you need to be well placed in organization or “I need to know the organization” or “I need to know the management style” only then I will be able to suggest some changes.



Another Question “where do you want to be five years from now?”:

The best way to answer these question is that “I would like to progress with this company as your company grows I will expand my professional career and I believe once you find out that I am able to take more responsibilities I’ll be very happy and I like to stay and employ my capabilities, all my potential to the growth of company which in return will give me professional growth”. This question is frequently asked by people often blend the interviewer that “after five years I want to be starting my own business or I want to be chief executive of a company” this answer will reflect that you are not going to stay with the company, you gain experience from company and if you will find better opportunity than this you will move. Don’t make this mistake! You have to be very careful while answering this question.










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