Top Ten Role Playing PC Game

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The best RPG (Role Playing Game) of all times.

According to the reviews and rating,these games are arranged in a descending order.

The best of the best RPGs you can ever get your hands on.





10.   Fable

Fable is a good action RPG game set in another world,it was well received by the people for its good quality and game play.It was a top-seller at the year of its release.

fable (5)



9.     Baldur’s Gate II

It is a computer RPG based on the forgotten realms,it was well received by the people and many gaming sites nominated it as their game of the year.





8.     Diablo 3

It is a action RPG released by the blizzard entertainment.It made a new record of selling 3.5 million copies in the first 24 hour of its release.

daiblo 3




7.     Dragon age 2

An action RPG developed by Bioware,set in the mythical world (same as the Dragon age : Origins).Player assumes the control of the character Hawk.





6.     Kingdom of Amaular : Reckoning

It is a single player RPG,The game met with good and positive reception.Good RPG of its year.





5.     Fallout 3

It is action open world RPG  by the maker of skyrim,set in the year 2277.The game was met will by the people and won many game of the year awards.

fallout 3




4.     Dark Souls

An awesome RPG but difficult control world RPG.The game is in the kingdom of Lordran.The game was well received by the people but is a famous difficult game.It won the most played game award.





3.     Mass Effect 3

An action RPG game by Bioware,The game got new and lots of improvements,one of the best RPG of the year,its a real additive game with a good plot and great RPG stuff.





2.     Witcher 2 : Assassins of Kings

An action hack and slash RPG.The game have different story paths(according to the decisons you may take at some points)and multiple ending too.The game have a great gameplay and nice graphics.The plot is good.





1.     Elder Scrolls : Skyrim

The best RPG action game that have been released till now,this game the most awesome and exciting game that one can get his hands on.The game won many and many awards.This is the game that I almost played like all day non stop(completed the story line 7 time !!).This the Best RPG with the most features and stuff.The most wonderful RPG!!.




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