Trading Forex with a Robot for Side Income

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I never thought I would be investing a lot of time writing my own program for the Forex market. It was an arduous and difficult task at first thought, but I managed to pull off quite a comprehensive expert advisor for my trading efforts. I am not the one who enjoys the fruit of my labor yet because I didn't have the capital to start trading real money. But my friend uses my program in his trading, and he is making a good amount of money as a side income.


What is good about a robot is that you can let it run even if you do something else. You don't have to watch your computer screen all day or even monitor your trades from time to time, because the robot does it all for you. You can still make money while you sleep! Still you have to understand the behavior of the market or markets you are trading in order to tailor the robot in which it will work best. For now, that is all I can share. You can ask me anything you want. 


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