Transgender community of Pakistan

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I have never thought to write on this topic until I saw the episode of my favorite program “sare- aam” about the transgender community. Mostly they are known as “hijra” in the society.It was really a great show focusing on every aspect of their life, every suffering they have ever met and how they are outcast from the society. It made me really gloomy. I have seen a lot of teen boys as well as men bulling and teasing them in the way or passing remarks on them and also some time I laugh at them that how they dress, how high their makeover are and how boldly they are wandering in the streets but I never thought about how alone they are and how they put the masquerade of the high tone color on their face to hide their pain and interact with society

The third gender shared a long history in South Asia the oldest book of the South Asia written between the 300 BC and 400 BC named as Kama sutra the scared book of Hinduism also have the description of “third gender”. They are given the great respect in the Mughal era and have royal jobs but alas the bodyguard and protector of the royal harams are now treated as the scum and they ended as the beggars or sex workers

Officials say that there are about 50 thousands transgender in Pakistan which are struggling for the basics needs to live. Their families had abandoned them when they knew they are the transgender and leave them in the hands of society and don’t care how they treat them. In one interview the president of transgender association of Bahawalpur Sahiba said “God created us, as He created all. We are born of a father and a mother just like everyone else, yet we are different. Our families may be ashamed of us but we know He loves us and that is why we don’t feel disgusted with ourselves. They don’t call us normal but we feel more normal than normal people because we don’t let anything bring us down. What doesn’t kill us just makes us stronger.”

These people are not allowed to have proper business or to gain education and lead honorable life about this Sahiba said “Some of us want to start a business, open a salon or a boutique, or work in show business. We are perfect for these jobs because we’re very hardworking. I, for one, want to study. But the fact is that most of us take our dreams to our graves with us.”

These are the common people with desire to live, to feel happy, and to lead a normal life but unfortunately we are suffocating them making their life hell and throttling their desires. We have never thought that how much God shows his mercy upon us and make us a normal person and we are not suffering like these people, not listen a cynical remark or no one mock at our physical appearance which is not in our hand. 

In last year first time in the history of Pakistan the transgender got the identity and collect their National Identity Card and more over they are allowed to participate in the May 2013 election which is a positive action and most of people adore it but the spread of awareness among people can give a break throw to give them their basics rights. 

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