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Today i am going to talk about transport used in our daily life.




Old transport:




In old days the peoples travel from one place to other by using donkeys, horses, cows & camels etc as a mean of transport. Only rich peoples who can afford them used them but poor peoples who can't afford then have to travel on feets they don't have enough money to travel on those things rich peoples move far off places by means of them but poor have to travel far off places on feet. Those animals were also used for transporting goods from one place to other but only rich peoples could afford them so only they used them in previous times. Poor get their goods by foot or on shoulders etc. So thats why they dont move far off places like rich peoples. That time was very difficult for poor peoples.


Advancement in transport:




Slowly slowly the means of transport was becoming easy and luxurious by the intention of wheel the transport got change. Peoples use wheel and attach it to their donkeys etc. And made carts to move mare goods easily. But it was not more effective for poor peoples because they dont afford it and rich peoples could only afford it. Then with the passage of time the transport became more luxurious and easy with the invention of vehicles by using wheels etc the transport became much more easier. The vehicles was fast and easy way of transport. But they were not much luxurious they need steam to work which was more difficult. But with the intention of petrol engine the transport became much easier. Because that engine was east much lighter and luxurious as compare to steam engine. That was firstly used in aeroplane because aeroplane connot handle steam engine because it was very heavy and many peoples also died in intention of aeroplane because they used steam engine and due to it aeroplane lose its balance two brothers change the steam engine in it with petroleum engine and than run aeroplane and it works thats why steam

 engine was replaced with petroleum engine with that the transport become much word easier and luxurious. Modern transport: Old transport have many problems like carts etc need much time to move far off places and it was not luxurious also. Now a days there are mainly three types of transport used world wide air , water , road .






Air transport consist of aeroplanes etc which move very fastly. They transport peoples and goods from one place to other in a little time it is also very luxurious and easy. The air transport is much faster as compare to water and road transport but it is expensive than others.





water transport consist of ships boats and sub marines etc. The water transport is also very useful because the ships are used to transport million tons of luggage from one place to other place. We can transport petrol woods oil cars and many other things from one place to other place by ships through ocean etc. But the most danger in that is when storm occurs in ocean it effect thousand of peoples and ships in ocean.






Road transport  is mostly used transport in world. The peoples use cars buses truks motor bikes etc to travel from one place to other place or to transport goods from one place to other place. Peoples use it for going on picnics or to meet with their relatives or to go to offices or for education. Many peoples have their own cars etc but buses are means of transport of public in country. Without transport the life become much difficult. It also plays an important role in economic of country without it many officer get closed many colleges and schools etc get closed markets also get closed.


So it means that transport is very important for our daily life without it our transport become very difficult and we will become unable to do many of works of our daily life.


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