Trip to Kaghan Naran

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Today I wrote about one of the best days of my life which was My University Trip to Kaghan Naran.

So back to these days I remember that we leave from university at round about 3 o’clock. I was very much excited as this was my first time to visit such a beautiful place. So first we reached at Shogran at 10 a.m.

Administration asked us that we will stay here for the rest of the day soi with my brother and friends went to hostel where we stayed and then after some rest we enjoyed the dinner and after that there was a jeep for us to go to upper mountains. So we went there and enjoyed a lot. After coming we take some rest and then played football. Now at night we enjoyed a bone fire function and then go to bed and had a wonderful sleep. At morning we left from this place and make our way towards Naran. The beauty of this place was amazing as there are green mountains everywhere. At Naran   we stayed at the hotel and after enjoyed dinner we went to Market and there was a huge rush there  and everyone was busy in buying different famous things of this place.I also bought some stuff .Now we went to hotel and get slept and then in the morning we ready to go to   Saif-ul-malok lake .

We went there and then from that point we start our hiking and it last lasted after 10 hours and we got tired. So from that we come to hostel and enoyed sleep and in the morning we visit a lot of other place. At last it was a memorable trip for me.  

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