Unforgettable Moments in Sanur Bali And Spent The Night at Boutique Hotel

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Bali also known as the Island of the Gods, Bali is a tourist destination located on the islands of Indonesia for all travelers, backpackers, explorers, adventurers or those who are just looking for a relaxing trip in a tropical paradise.

Bali may seem like a small place you travel (you can tour the entire island of Bali by car in one day) but its importance as a tourist destination is huge. In Bali there are many things to do and see such as large rice plantations, very good spots where surfing and other water activities, as well as its magical temples, fascinating dance and white sand beaches for sunbathing and enjoy their turquoise waters. This combination of possibilities make Bali a perfect destination for tourism.

The tropical paradise island of Bali in Indonesia, is a dream place for travelers around the world. Its beautiful beaches, warm blue waters, friendly people have combined to make Bali a destination popular holiday.

And this time, i will tell you my unforgettable moments when i spent the holiday in Sanu, Bali 2 months ago.

"Tomorrow we leave for Bali, three nights guess will suffice, hence we flew to Java," we hear when going on a beach in the Philippines.

Three nights, poor Bali ... is under constant pressure to please all visitors, but if you do not give it time, you can not always fulfill. It's like when you take a test and studied a lot, but just make you those questions to which no answer encontras them, and rogas to leave you show them everything you know. With Bali is the same: those who spend a few nights in Kuta only thinking that's all there is to see have little chance of having a positive experience. Bali is much larger than most believe, and has enough attractions to keep you busy for several weeks.

We spent 10 nights on this island, and we still left a lot to see. This was our itinerary:


We can not start talking about what to do and see in Bali if not we start over-valued, ultra mega visited and photographed Kuta. Whether because of the proximity to the airport, the busy nightlife, the range of accommodation, by magic mushrooms or surfing lessons on the beach, all travelers coming to Bali spend at least one night in this place.

Kuta may not be the favorite place of all, but what is certain is that it leaves no one indifferent. "Kuta is ugly, not worth wasting time there," we read in various blogs and forums. We were expecting to see the worst side of Bali and we were surprised. Despite being visited by thousands of foreigners each month, Balinese culture is present in every corner, just that sometimes it is obscured by signs of "DJ Bobo Today" or "Magic massagge" and you have to look a little more there to find it.

Arriving at Kuta we felt we had returned to Australia. The classic bacon and egg are in all restaurants, giant screens show matches footy (Australian rules football) and the Aussies stroll through Jalan Legian, the main street of Kuta, with its bottle of Bintang beer in hand for 24 hours. When we look at the monument commemorating the victims of the attack on Kuta in 2002, we see that Australia was a large majority as the country that suffered death.

They set the rules, and local accept them. And of course, for money dance monkey. Literally, because sadly we found this better expressed than ever in Kuta phrase.


As we watched the map around Depasar, Our guide who came from Denpasar told us: "I go quite often to walk along the beach of Sanur, but not very nice ... at high tide there is no place to be in the sand at low tide and it is full of seaweed and can not swim. In addition there are days when it smells rotten. " The prognosis was not encouraging, but also decided to walk 6 km between Denpasar and Sanur see it with our own eyes. Our experience was different from the French. There was room to pull the lonita in the sand and there was no smell of decay. The beach? We doubt that is in the memory of many. With the much calmer than in Kuta sea, Sanur is the place chosen by families with children (and seems to be the favorite destination for local tourists). It is also the starting point to go to Lembongan Island.

While visiting sanur, i spent the night at Maison Aurelia, Sanur.

Maison Aurelia : was a luxury beautique hotel in indonesia at the intermediate-cost hotel with amazing view, around $700 paid for a double room (private bathroom, wi-fi) with breakfast, spa and swimming pool. As we got up very early, i prepare a breakfeast to carry on our next journey, Volcano Batur.

Volcano Batur

Ay ay ay! Batur.. the potential boycotted. Our experience was in Kedisan, the village where the base is to go to Batur volcano, was one of those that makes us rethink the idea of revisiting Indonesia. The village is very quiet, and the views of the volcano are inspiring, but unfortunately we can not recommend. To find out what happened in the volcano and why we do not recommend, read "Two loose Batur volcano on the terrorists."

These are just some of the many places to visit in Bali. The experience of each will depend on what you're looking for and how many days you think stay. Bali has a lot to offer, and is in you discover what keeps the flame lit the essence that captivates all travelers. Because Bali ensures that there is always a next visit

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