ups & heat guns

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Pakistan is suffering with power crises. There is no gas to cook food. People are facing the load shedding of electricity for twelve hours a day in this hot weather. This all is not also affecting our economy but also affecting our common life. So majority of Pakistani people has bought UPS for electricity and heat gun for gas.

They use heat gun to get gas to their homes. As LPG is costly for the common man to afford so they buy a heat gun or a refrigerator compressor to get gas to their home with the pressure. So they can cook and eat their food.

Due to electricity load shedding people are forced to buy UPS and batteries to avoid the harsh and warm weather. UPS is a device which stores the current in batteries and we can use it in the absence of electricity.

We Pakistanis expand our money on these accessories. As we export these accessories from foreign countries so it disturbs our balance of imports and exports. While on the other hand if we expand all this money on some power project then we can easily. Our govt. should start a project in which our people can invest their cash which they expand on purchasing of accessories like UPS and heat gun.             

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