"US vs THEM" mentality to drive votes to keep them in seats and preserve the status quo.

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I've always viewed myself as one of the odd ones out. I'm pro gun rights, but also for abortion. I am also a firm believer that politics and religion never intermingle well and will more often than not result in sadness and troubles. 
I don't think the universal background check will pass if simply because it takes away a tool both sides use for winning votes. Background checks themselves are not necessarily a bad thing. They could help reduce questionable sales(some more obvious than others). They can also give the seller some immunity if the person is buying for bad reasons in the way of "Well he passed the needed hurdles to allow the sale." That being said, the way it is written now and has been written in many states and federal bills attempted to be passed are throwing an undue burden on the private seller in favor of the FFL. As of currently a private seller has no method to perform the NICS check, they must rely on a gun store to perform the check, something the store is neither obligated to do for the private seller nor do for a reasonable price. In many states that require the backgronud check even on private sales, you will hear of them having to travel sometimes more than 50 miles to find a dealer willing to do the check for a private sale and because the FFL knows that they're the only one willing to do it in a 50 mile radius will often charge 100-200 for the check to discourage the private sale and encourage the buyer to buy the same firearm from their own stock instead. 
That I have always viewed as the biggest problem with the universal check. None of the universal check bills that have been proposed have offered a provision for the private seller to be able to perform a NICS or similar without having to rely on an FFL or at the very minimum a provision stating that an FFL must perform the checks for a private seller on request at a reasonable price(most considered a reasonable price to be under $20). I do not believe such will ever be added to the bills though if simply because the bill at that point would be considered alright by a large chunk of the firearm community and would be given the nod by them to pass. This in turn would remove a point politicians could rally up an "US vs THEM" mentality to drive votes to keep them in seats and preserve the status quo.

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