Uses And Abuses Of Internet

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Internet is believed to be the largest source of information. It has become a necessary part of our life. It is the best communication platform ever available. Let us look at the positive effects of internet. Internet is an efficient and well organized storage of information. One can fetch the required information in minutes. Information is just a click away. Second, internet is the most effective means of communication. Online communication is quick and easy. Online discussions ensure mutual exchange of information through Emails. Distant learning has become possible through internet.

                However, there is a price to pay for this vast storage of information. Internet cause many psychological problems. Some of them are as follow. As children spend a lot of time on internet, they do not have time to spend with their family and friends thus their interaction with kind people ends. Thus they do not remain social and friendly. This results into limited social skills.

                Children download games and play them with full interest. As the games are remote from reality, they tend to confuse the “real world” from their “game World”. This results in a destroyed sense of reality. Moreover the games may teach them violence. They may harm themselves or others. Uncensored material leaves a negative impact on children. On internet, children are exposed to sexual material. This may led them into immoral activities. Excessive use of internet make children addicted to its use. Then its excessive use causes fatigue problems among the children. Thus we must keep a balance in using this facility. We must also keep an eye on the children who use internet.  

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