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Trans Studio Bandung

Trans Studio Bandung is a tourist area located recreation game and integrated with Trans Studio Mall (formerly named Bandung Super Mall). In simple, Trans Studio Bandung is Dufan indoor version. Trans Studio Bandung is one of the regions largest indoor game in the world with more than 20 kinds of exciting game. The admission price is $15 (Monday through Friday), and $25 on Saturday and Sunday. In addition to blend with the mall, Trans Studio Bandung also integrates with two international class hotel so do not bother if you want to stay.


Curug Dago

Curug Dago (Dago waterfall) is a waterfall located in Coblong district , Dago. Dago located in the north of Bandung city. Curug Dago is not too high, only about 10 feet high, but the hidden waterfall is very beautiful and interesting to look at. Dago waterfall is not too famous among foreign tourist, but no harm in trying to come to the Curug Dago.


Pasar baru

Pasar Baru is the new markets are tourist attractions in Bandung . Pasar baru also very ideal for hunters of cheap shopping. In Pasar Baru, you will find various types of clothing and accessories at relatively low prices. Pasar Baru are tourist attractions in Bandung are the most favored by tourists who came from Malaysia. To be able to get cheap goods with success in Pasar Baru, you should be able to bargain with the patient.


Observatorium Bosscha

Observatorium Bosscha is an observation point star located in Lembang, approximately 15 KM north of the city of Bandung. If you ever watched the first movie "Sherina's Adventure (Petualangan Sherina) then you will feel familiar with this place, because the observatory is one of the film's shooting location. If you wish to visit the observatory, you have to register first, could just not directly come and go .

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