Values That make You Valuable

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Everyone wants to have something good that reflects their personality and make them centre of admire. Who does not like praise? But we forget to get anything one had to work hard. We have to make ourselves up to that level where we can properly utilize our traits and time in positive way. Today everyone wants to be a successful person but with shortcut way. When we see any successful person then we also want to be like that. But I think same times we have also need to know their hard work to reach up to that destination.  In today technology world we can find all things of comfort but that make us so materialistic that we totally drop our values. Today approximately every person relation is based on give and take funda. We want everything success, fame, money, relations But on easy terms. We like traditional things Ever we thing about traditional values. Ok don’t be orthodox but at least be a men of true value. We want success but with short cut way. We want Relationships but just for selfishness like if you don’t do anything for me then who are you. We want to do big things just to be hero in 2 minutes. But remember if you do little things well then once they make you hero. To be valuable person you need to have looked around the people you have. It’s not rule that you can learn only from a successful person. Even a normal person sometime can teach you important aspects of life. You just need to keep your eyes, mind and ears open. You will find variety of person in you day to day dealings. And every time you will find some different, now that’s totally on you what you take. When we go to market we always try to bring good one. Then why the same case could not be applied to bring right values. We should try to take positive or good vibrates from around and should also try to give positive values around us. When you seek or adopt values in your life then I am sure at least you will be hero in your own eyes. After you will be hero in eyes of your family and others also. Never do that task which gives you feeling of guilt. Look when you do any thing wrong although nobody see you or say you any thing but your own voice will remember you about that wrong movement. We learn from our family, schooling and society and from many other things around us. And our mind just goes on to conflict what is right or wrong. But if you have positive determinations on positive way then no negativity can influence you.

                                     Many time I read the ‘LIFE LITTLE INSTRUCTIONS’ book. This book says about various instructions that one should folio in life. And some of them I want to discuss with you that is

  • Believe in miracles but don’t depend on them.
  • Don’t forget that we judged by but we give, not by what we get.
  • Never hesitate to do what you know is right.
  • Share your knowledge and experience.
  • Remember that all success comes at a price.
  • Seek respect rather then popularity.
  • Remember loving words quickly heals.
  • Don’t be so open minded that our brain fall out.
  • Protect your enthusiasm from the negativity of others.




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