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Huie looks like a 23-year-old young man. I’d never call him veteran…
to the dictionary, veteran is a “person who has had long service or experience
in a occupation”. In fact, his experience abroad was not long, but it was
extremely intense.
raised in a family of militaries, was deployed in Afghanistan. During the war,
the Marine collected tough stories from the battlefield and unveiled some of
them to Film Annex, an online video
platform, during an interview in North Carolina.
joins a huge project name G.I.V.E.,
Initiative for Veteran Entrepreneurship, focused on
veteran business
opportunities. The main goal is promoting a better life for young veterans.
Now, they’re able to make money online with internet.
Film Annex offers Web TV Channel for all veterans – or call
them “independent film makers”. They can produce content and broadcasting it
worldwide, receiving advertising revenues. In other words, they have jobs after
military service.
Michel’s video is online. And there’re some more others.
Check it out:
The more you spread it out, the better for everybody.

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